Sand making machine repair and maintenance techniques

Pubdate: 2017-06-16 17:04:08
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Some Sand making machine knowledge of maintenance and security


1, regular observation of the door stands open observation impact sand making machine internal wear, the center feed tube, cone hat, impeller, the downstream channel liner, the circular shield, the wear resistant block, wear and tear should be replaced or repair, replacement of wear-resistant block should also change, to ensure that the weight of wear is the same block. observation door is prohibited open during the machine working to avoid danger. Body found in wheel manufacturer to find timely replacement of worn patches. Special attention, without the manufacturers consent of the impeller made strictly prohibited without permission.


2, triangle belt tensioning drive size should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the triangular belt force uniform, dual-motor drive, both sides of the triangle should be grouped matching belt, then the length of each group as uniform as possible. It should be adjusted so that the difference between the two motor current does not exceed 15A.


3, Sand making machine adapts Mobil super car grease or 3 # lithium grease every 400 hours of work by adding appropriate amount of grease, 2,000 hours of work open to clean the bearing spindle assembly, generally 7200 hours of work, replaced with new bearings .


Top of the spindle bearing assembly for the swimming side, the bottom bearing for the fixed end, sliding the pulley by hand after the assembly should be flexible rotation. Operation in the Sand making machine, because the device is a high-speed equipment, we should pay more special attention to safety production. The officer should stay away from equipment,the machine should be shut down after the repair. Problems suggest that you ask a professional maintenance staff to resolve, without permission is strictly prohibited without permission demolished factory core components.

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